Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A visit from Uncle Matt

Matt came to visit for the day last Wednesday. We had a good time. Rhea was really excited that he was coming, a little shy at first, but then warmed right up!! She loved getting to play with him!

 Mrs. Potato Head

 Yum Yum
We set up the tent in the yard for her... she thought this was AWESOME!
Here she wants the camera.
A picture Rhea took 
(we have lots of pictures of her lap and the ceiling....
but she's getting it figured out)
Daddy and Lynden - they hung outside the tent
Smiley girl!

Today, 9/10/13 she got her first tooth. (Thus confirming the suspisions we had about her cranky behavior the last couple days) And she is officially scooting now - pulls with her arms and pushes with her toes. Once she figures out to get her belly up she'll be ready to go. Today Rhea was playing with her umbrellas and Lynden was watching intently (very normal), Rhea set one down about 2 feet from Lynden and I watched Lynden spin right around and army crawl right over to it to investigate it for herself.  Rhea didn't exactly love that so we'll have some lessons to learn on where to leave your stuff and more importantly... sharing! Eeek!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Blooper Pics

Whoa! Where has the time gone?!?! We celebrated Lynden's Half-Birthday a week ago.... she's 6 months old already! Ahh.... treasuring as much as I possibly can! Boy does she want to get after that sister of hers! She scoots now and can get just about anywhere she wants (within reason, like getting the toys that are out of her reach on the blanket). She tries to flip herself out of her carseat if I sit her in there and don't buckle her right away and tonight she tried to climb out of her tub! Eeek, when she really starts moving we'll be in for a treat I'm sure :-) It has been such a HUGE blessing from the Lord to watch these girls grow as sisters. They most certainly love each other. Every morning whichever one is awake first they look/ask for the other... so cute!! Anyways, in light of their "halves" I tried to take their pictures myself. This was a hoot!  [Nothing against fancy photography, just not in the budget] Here are some of the "blooper" shots.... Still cute, still our girls, love love love them! - Nice pics coming out in cards and I'm sure I'll get them on FB sometime too.

 R: "seriously?!" L: "this is fun!"

"Ok, nobody look"

R: "Cheese!" L: "oh look, a leaf!"

She rolls faster than I can snap the shot

Too much "cheese" Rhea


R: "Look Mom, I'm Wynnen!"

She has the most beautiful eyes ;-)

Good job little one, I think we successfully avoided a 'good one'

"Mom, this is silly"
 Oh, and evening pit stop to the Christy Creme to reward Rhea for NO TEARS at church that morning. [We've been having some rather unpleasant issues the last several weeks, separation anxiety, not wanting to walk, etc.]
"OOOooooooooooohhhhh ICE CREAM!!

Yum!! Peach

And shared some fries with Dad :-)

They look thrilled don't they?!

L: "She won't print it if I stick out my tongue"
R: "Nope, not gonna do it"
They are such a delight!! We are super blessed parents, still lots to learn in every area but loving every minute!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer fun!

 Above is an update on our garden.... the potato plants are really rather tall now, hopefully there's some good spuds growing down beneath! We put up some fencing for the green beans and peas to climb on. We used a cinnamon roll style pattern for the fence which allowed us to get fence near all the plants without having to cut it (since it's borrowed from the neighbors). Works well for the plants to vine but it might be a little tricky to get in there once it's time to harvest some... we'll cross that bridge when we get there. So far the deer have stayed away, PTL!!

Alie and Rhea playing sandbox at Kay's house

Swimmin' Baby!!
 As promised, here's some coverage of Lynden's first swim lesson - I'm not a certified instructor or anything but I did some research on the web about infant swimming.... It encouraged letting them experience their own buoyancy... Mommy laid he back in the water and supported her back and head, she was a little tense the first couple times but then she relaxed and did all kinds of kickin' and splashin' and smilin' - Here she is cruising around with Dad. 
 I can't figure out how to embed the video here  so just click on the link and you'll be redirected :-)


Boat Ride!!

Not only does she have sea legs for walking
but she jumps too!!

Watchin the waves...

Water slide!